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Oct.11. 2011

Warning to all resorts of philippines, about Jose Antonio Macantan or known as ( Don )


We are from Sundivers and Sun Apartelle Resort in Panglao Island, Bohol. We will warning to all Resorts and Diveshops from different areas of Philippines from a criminal guy, they work before here in Panglao Island and make many criminal acts here, maybe he is now in Leyte. We hear about this and he look there for a Job in some Resorts. Take care of him and inform us or Police which is near to you. We send you also a picture from him.
please help us to stop him, thanks

His Name is Jose Antonio Macantan or known as ( Don )

best regards Gerhard,

Sun Divers
Tawala Panglao
6340 Panglao/Bohol

Tel:+63 385029171
Skype: sundivers





3D Marine Seismic Survey in June 2011 in the CAMOTES SEA


May 1 2011

PRIVATE oil company NorAsian plans to conduct a seismic survey in the waters off Camotes Island, north Cebu, this June 2011 to determine the presence of oil and gas deposits in the area.

The survey will cover 464 square kilometers of the Camotes Sea and five municipalities.

The survey will mainly cover the municipal waters of Palompon in Leyte province, and San Francisco town, Camotes.

The 18-day 3-dimensional (3-D)survey is a follow-up of last year’s two-dimensional (2-D) survey.

The survey vessel BGP Explorer will tow four 4.5- kilometer cables at 5 to 8 meters below sea surface that send sound waves to the seafloor to be captured by sensitive microphones on a four-kilometer cable. Orange buoys with flashings lights are attached to the end of cables. The signal will be read by a computer in the vessel. “Concerned government agencies were also consulted to ensure that the survey area is outside coral reefs, marine sanctuaries, marine protected areas, dive sites and other shallow areas,” Gamallo said.

A marine mammal observer will also be on board the seismic vessel to ensure safety and protection of marine mammals in the area during the survey.

“For safety, fishing vessels, passenger ferries and commercial vessels will be requested to stay within a safe distance away from M/V BGP Explorer. This is due to the vessel’s extremely restricted ability to maneuver and cannot immediately stop,”

For this, NorAsian is coordinated with the Philippine Coast Guard. Divers and fishermen also will be notified to avoid the area during the operation. Governor Garcia tasked engineer Adolfo Quiroga, Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) chief, to inform local government units.

NorAsian said they got a Certificate of Non-Coverage from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) last Oct. 15, 2009. The company assured they will avoid coral reefs and marine fish sanctuaries, and will have a “Marine Mammal Observer” on the survey vessel.

PROBLEM: the CAMOTES SEA is home of the famous TRESHER SHARK (Lawihan). The tresher shark is main attraction from MALAPASCUA Island (Visayan Sea) for divers out of the whole world. Could it happen that due to this 3D seismic survey the tresher sharks sooner or later avoids visiting Monad Shoal and Kimod Shoal?




Two Korean Tourists Drowned in Bantayan Island


morning  April 19, 2011

Two South Koreans have drowned in the coastal waters of Hilantagaan in Santa Fe town, police said Tuesday.

Boatman Uriel Mahipos said the victims, Jang Myung-kyu and Jang Hye-yung, wanted to go island-hopping.They left Sta Fe for Kilantagaan islet around 9 a.m. At around 8:00 AM the Koreans asked pump boat operator Uriel Mahipos to grill the fish they had brought with them the operator agreed  When they arrived on the islet, the 2 Koreans walked on the beach while Mahipos prepared their meal and grilled the fish approximately 60 meters from the docked pumpboat.

The boatman said he saw them remove their lifejackets because the water was shallow near the beach.However, he said he failed to find the 2 an hour later.

A boy later found the victims’ bodies floating in 2-meter-deep water.Their bodies were retrieved and the incident was reported to police.The Koreans’ bodies arrived at the Bantayan Hospital around 3 p.m.


Lesson we should thinkoff: If we have foreign guest for snorkeling, always keep them for their own safety in your eyes, wheter on the beach or in the water. As long as they are guest of the boat, as long is the boat captain/boatman responsible for the saftety of the guest !!!


Malapascua Development Plan

  • Circumferential Road


As you know is since a long time a circumferential road along the beach and shore around the island planned.. The first step was to mark the so called “Salvage Zone”. In the Philippine Law it is anchored that 40 meters of the coast belongs to the state. But in the past time nobody cared about that and lot of people build their house direct on the beach inside this zone. Also some beach resort owners build their guesthouses and restaurants on the beach and the beaches filled up with buildings.

The first step for planning the circumferential road was to set markers on the beach. The Governeur accepted that ONLY 20 meters salvage zone to be marked and all buildings in this zone has to be moved to make the beach free of anykind of buildings. House owners who will not move their houses must accept that a “demolishing team” from the municipio will demolish their houses.

So demolishing of those buildings started know  and the municipio began (Monday 4.June 2007) with the first step of building the circumferential road, 20 meters away from the “high water line”. The work will be done step by stepon all those places where beach space is freed and the 20 meter salvage zone is installed.

The first step building the Circumferential Road is done TODAY. Here is the evidence, look at the fotos i made on this important day.

Day number one on the circumferential road of Malapascua.Security having a look at the new  

Building the road started on the southern part of Malapascua, in front of “Blue Corals Beach Resort”, going counterclockwise to the north, around the island.

Mike Wieland, 4.June 2007

After BLUE WATER demolished their illegal Buildung on the beach and the trash from formerly PEDER BAADSMAND has taken away the circumferential road is now finished going from “Blue Coral” to “Mike & Dioses Beachcottage”. Total lenghth about 1 km.

Now lets wait how it will be continued, passing the village of INDONACION and PASIL.

Mike Wieland 2.October 2010

  • Island HOSPITAL

The Bad News

Everybody knows that there is no Hospital on Malapascua. There is even no Doctor on the island. So if one gets sick or if one happens to be hurt in an accident there is also no Casualty Department available. The next Hospital is in the Barangay of Daan Bantayan. So if it happens to someone that he needs suddenly very urgent medical help and a doctor, he has got a big problem.

However it comes, still a larger problem is given if this happens during the night or during one of the common Taifuns, because then it is almost impossibly to get a boat to transfer one to Maya. At night time no boat or ship does passenger transfer from Malapascua to Maya. In this case you have to face your fate and all one can do is just hope and pray for a miracle.

During daytime in normal weather conditions however the chances are somewhat better; one must organize a boat - which is during “Low Water” also a problem- to cross the sea heading to Maya. In Maya however are no taxis (only Habal-Habals) and also no physician. One must request thus by calling with a cellphone a passenger car from Daan Bantayan to be transferred to the hospital in Daan Bantayan.

If it is one of your lucky days they can help you , if not, misfortunately  your travel goes further to CEBU-City. It could happen –even if it is an emergency case and everything is really good running-  that time takes more than 5 hours to reach a hospital and medical assistance.

The Good News

The good news are: the municipio and the Governeur realized that problem. Part of the “Malapascua Development Plan” is to build a hospital on Malapascua! It is intended to be a 3-bed hospital with a 24 hour doctors and medical staff presence.

The lot for the hospital is existing and soon they will start building.

We have an eye on it and tell you what and when it happens.

 Mike Wieland, 20.June 2007


Now, it is April 2009 August 2010, still NOTHING goes on with the proposed new hospital on Malapascua. It is still a very high risk to come here of you have a medical problem or problematic health. There is still NO DOCTOR on the Island and NO MEDICINE HELP. Nothing happend since 2007!



Yeahh, Now the construction of the planned new clinic for Malapascua has started !!! Reason is that the owners of the resort “MALAPASCUA LEGEND” Alfredo LUA and his partner June who are also owners of a construction company (SOCOR CONSTRUCTION CEBU), offered to the Cebu Goverment to build the clinic in Malapascua at only to their own cost of labor and material (no win situation). Thanks to Alfredo and June from MALAPASCUA LEGEND. There are many great resorts/dive shops in Malapascua. None of them had in the past, the heart for the locals to build them a clinic, or at least to help in the financing. The only exception in the past was Josephine from Mangrove Oriental resort and Mike from AABANA Mike & Diose. Josephine who made efforts to collect medicine donations from their guests to help the population of Malapascua, and Mike who fought long time again and again for a clinic on Malapascua and made this theme popular.

We all had to wait until luckily Alfredo Lua and June entered the scene with their big and social heart. Constructing one of the biggest resort with a huge swimmingpool an Malapascua the “Malapascua Legend”, making them to the number ONE of Malapacua !!.

Thank you from all of us Alfredo and June. We are awaiting the grand opening of the Malapascua Clinic in the near future.

Here are some fotos from the construction site from March 4 2011:



Where is the new Clinic? : Its behind the BARANGAY HALL of Malapascua. Just walk right side along the Barangay Hall and than its in the back.

New fotos follw soon

Mike Wieland, 2.april 2011


  • 24-hour Electricity

Now they promised AGAIN (hehe)that 24-hour electricity on Malapascua will be beginning of MAY 2009. The new electric company is already collecting their staff. So hopefully the actual electric company -BAP- who is charging 60 PESO´s for electricity per kw/h (kilowatts per hour)will end.

Today the price of Crudo (Diesel) is only 29 to 30 Peso per liter, so why the BAPA charges still 60 Peso per kw/h? There must be some very big pockets, the money goes to !!!!!!

June 28.2009

Already 1 month beyond the proposed date of 24 hour electricity and nothing has happend? Oh yes, there is a new Powerhouse in Guimbitayan build with 3 chinese Diesel Generators. The officials say that 24 h electricity will comn now at least at October 31 2009. Price of electricity is still 60.00 Peso/KwH, that is 60 peso per kilowatt hour.!!!

Hurray, DECEMBER 20.2009: We have now 24 hours/day electricity  !!
Now Malapascua is part of the “electric community”!

Bad news: price of the power is still very high at 25.5 PHP per Kilowatt!


Even more bad news: From April 1 th 2011, the price for electricity will be increased from php 24.50 to 26.50 and up to php 29.50 in June 2011. Reason as POWER CORP told, is the increase of DIESEL.

Mike, April 3 th. 2011



Click on this link to see news about Kalanggaman Islet

  • It  happend on Christmas Eve (Dec.24) 2009 when a tourist Diver died during a tech dive near Monad Shoal Malapascua.

Click on this link to read the story as far as known. Who is to blame?

Tragischer Tauchunfall auf Monad Shoal,Malapascua Island Heilig Abend 2010

  • A 24-year-old woman, tourist from Sweden was raped in Malapascua on Feb.21.2010.

It happend at about 10:00 am on a sunny sunday morning during a walk on a lonley beach. While wandering from the beach to the grass areas, a man (filipino) grabbed her and tried to rape her. After a while she could escape and run away and reported the incident to police....

The police started immediatly an investigation on Malapascua. The name of the rapist is known. The supect left Malapascua and is on the run from the police.

The Malapascua Business Association has exposed a reward of 50,000 pesos for the capture of the person.

Click on this link to read the police report..

  • The Philippine President, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Aroyo visits Malapascua on Wed.Feb.24.2010

President Aroyo,a diver herself, visited Malapascua as part of the governments nationwide effort to promote the President´s contribution to Philippine tourism. She went diving to see the world-famous thresher sharks of Malapascua.

Click on this link to read the story.

  • Demolitian Team on Malapascua has struck again on August 31.2010 a private house.

The house (Bahay Kubo) of a Philippine fishing family has been torn down in the absence of the owner. Reason, enlargement of one of the largest beach resort and dive shops in Malapascua, EXOTIC.

The house of boy was demolished by the workers of Exotic with DPWH official and some policemen from the city, it  happened August 31.2010 around 10 am when someone saw a group of people having a breakfast in  Cora's property, afterwards the demolition started, It so sad that it happened when boy and his wife was not there, only his son so some of the concerned people around questioned the official from the DPWH to show us the court order to prove if the demolition was legal, but they only show  a yellow pad paper with signatory of councilor ricky mercado,so Nestor called Gen.Diamos if he can help to stop the demolition team, were happy cuz after the Gen. talked the DPWH official He instructed the workers to stop for a while, then suddenly the official received a fon call from his boss then he told us that his boss tell him to continue the house demolition.Cora was present during the demolition
 A tourist after they saw what happen he offer rice and food to the family of boy.
 Some swiss guest in your room where very sad also of what happened to them.
Boy and his family were temporary stay in their boat cause they dont know where to live.

I think there was a case between Cora de Boer and that certain boy, copy of which was forwarded to the Office of the Mayor for information purposes. What we wonder is the entry of DPWH when there is no public works involved. If there's any government agency to come in, its DENR who has jurisdiction over the island and not DPWH.

The concerned resident could ask the assistance of the Ombudsman to question the authority of DPWH in demolishing private property not within their jurisdiction, but he decided not to do so.



  • Tragic death of Johnny, Sept.15.2010
    It happend again cause no Doctor on Malapascua Island.


Johnny came here with his wife and 10 children (baloco's house) 3 weeks ago, baloco said that somebody from his place in carnasa harmed him by means of  witchcraft, I noticed also that his stomach is not normal( very big) but instead of going to the doctor they are relying on quak doctor because they dont have money to pay a doctor and the next doctor is far in Daanbantyan. When I returned from cebu I noticed that they built an open bahay kubo 10 meters from Oscar's house as requested by johnny, but everyday is getting worse cuz we can hear him crying for pain.
The morning before  he died he called baloco to assist him, because he wants to take a bath in the beach, after taking a bath he vomit a blood and died in bahay kubo. since they dont have money for the coffin baloco asked me for a cutted plywood I said Ok some of our neighbor offered also their plywood. He whas buried the next day.

How many more must die before a clinic with medical service is set up on Malapascua? Johnny was just one of several which maybe could have been helped.

The family of Johnny extend their millions THANKS to you Mike for the 1,000 pesos you gave to them.



Super typhoon JUAN (Megi) October 18.th 2010


Super Typhoon JUAN (Megi landfall Luzon Oct.18.2010 (dont hits Malapascua)

Read about that typhoon



New Port in Maya, and Malapascua planned



I was just on your site and would like to say that you guys are doing a very good job of updating people on the events and news that are happening on and around Malapascua Island. I visited the island several years ago and had an amazing time. The people were wonderful, nice food, and the diving was spectacular. I recently heard that there are plans on building a new port on the island that will bring in much more tourism and make the island more accessible to travelers but I could not find any information on the internet that could confirm this. Do you happen to have any information on this?

If a port was to be built I would be quite interested......

Patrick McDermott

April 1. 2011


Hi Patrick

Yes it is planned to build a port in Malapascua, but no clear information yet available. Also in Maya the Goverment builds a new port aside that old private owned port. We dont know when will it be finished, cause the works on that are still running (or standing) since a few years.

Here are some fotos of the new port in Maya. Try to get more information about the planned port in Malapascua.



Mike Wieland, 2.th April 2011




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